As time has gone by this year in 2020, we have learned more and more about the health challenge that we are all facing. With more research and more information available, we have been able to put together an enhanced kit to help deal with a crisis that we face in today.

We are introducing Quantum Immuno Kit 2.0

Smart Lipo-C 1200 mg

EG Max is a special proprietary blend of Echinacea and Goldenseal 

Lemon Balm (5), Passion Flower (6), Fever few (7), Chammomile (8)


Vitamin A- 20,000 ius

Vitamin D- 10,000 ius

Zinc- 75 mg of zinc picolinate

Quercetin  - 1200 mg 

for details on products and study links see our recent blog

Quantum Immuno Kit 2.0