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Lyme testing


The Most Accurate Lyme Testing Available


     Lyme disease is spreading rapidly across the world. It is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States and Europe. There are more cases of Lyme disease per year than there are of breast cancer. 

     Lyme is caused by Borrelia bacteria, which are very hard to detect. The accuracy of Lyme and co-infection testing ranges from 7.4%-86.2%. Early detection is the most effective way to avoid serious illness. Many people are improperly diagnosed due to poor quality testing.

     Once injected into the body the Lyme bacteria has the ability to stop the immune system from functioning. Therefore, normal immune response towards bacteria is not always detectable on blood tests performed by medical professionals. Lyme has a predisposition to migrate towards the joints and organ systems, further making serological testing a challenge for detecting the bacteria.

     At Quantum Alternative Health we have found that DNA testing with provocation is of the more accurate ways to detect Lyme disease and its co-infections. 

If you have been tested in the past and had tested negative, but still have symptoms please contact us for a 30 minute consultation. We have personally experienced the life changing effects of Lyme disease. That is why we are eager to help and support you!


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