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zerona lipo laser

If you have tried diet and exercise but still have fat and inches you can't lose, it's time to try our new FDA approved non- invasive body sculpting laser. Our lasers work to painlessly emulsify stubborn fat in as little as two weeks!

It is easier than you think to look better and feel better! 

What is Zerona?

Erchonia’s Zerona Z6 is a full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas of stubborn fat, and is the first laser specifically designed for body contouring. The Zerona Z6 is FDA Market-Cleared, non-invasive and clinically tested. 

Beautiful happy toned woman weight consc
View from above of female patient having

How does it work?

Zerona works by using it’s five heads to target the fat cells beneath the treatment area. It creates a temporary opening within the fat cell to allow the fatty liquids to drain out of the cell and be flushed out naturally, through your lymphatic system. The Zerona Lipo Laser procedure creates an overall body slimming effect that can be used to reduce fat in your: Waist, Chest, Pecs, Back, Neck, Arms, Thighs, Hips, Ankles, and more!

Try it today!

  • Zero pain, zero surgery, zero downtime, zero risks.

  • Reduce stubborn fat from your waist, hips, thighs, and arms.

  • Clinically meaning results in as little as two weeks!

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