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Read Some Success Stories and Check Out What Others Have Said About How We Affected Their Lives!

Interview with Holly Caldwell: On the Verge of a Heart Attack

Interview with Holly Caldwell: On the Verge of a Heart Attack

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The above video is an interview with Holly Caldwell who was suffering from severe pain and inflammation caused by diabetes.

More exciting transformations…

"So my goal in taking coaching with Carol was to lower my A1C. It had crept up to 6.2, just 3 points from a diagnoses of diabetes. I preferred to reverse that trend with lifestyle changes rather than medication.  Two months into my coaching, my A1C had gone down to 6.0. As an added bonus, I’ve lost 11 lbs. in 2 1/2 months without being hungry!  Carol is very knowledgeable, kind, and in tune with what I needed to succeed. I have no doubt my A1C will continue to decrease, as I continue to implement her suggestions.  I plan to live a life without diabetes, and all the insidious things that would have done to my body. Many thanks to Carol and the Quantum team. They have helped me feel better than I have in years!"
-Jackie F.- Newnan, Ga



“I have been treated for a few ailments ranging from shingles to hypertension and have seen impressive and successful results from their treatments. My energy, stamina, and overall feeling of good health have improved drastically,… I would strongly recommend Quantum Alternative Health (now part of a team with Integrative Family Wellness) for your health and wellness needs.” – Karl M. – Newnan, Ga

“I had an ulcer, swollen Lymph nodes, and a stomach infection. All of the information I received at Quantum Alternative Health Inc made a life saving improvement” – Ronnie S. – Newnan, Ga

“We had almost given up on our 12 year old Yorkie, Aole, who had been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Our Vet. informed us that we had exhausted our options. It was our good fortune to find Justin and Carol Reese. The results were dynamic. In a few months she had grown all of her coat back, and was back to normal weight. It is now the summer of 2010, and Aole remains in good health. I was so impressed by Aole’s results that I have had several sessions as well as my father. Thank you Justin, Carol, and Quantum!” – Mark S. – Newnan, Ga

“I sought care from Integrative Family Wellness for back pain due to a herniated disc. I have dealt with the pain, which is exacerbated by stress, for 6 years. I had 12 steroid shots in 1 year, tried muscle relaxants, and narcotic pain meds, but they made me feel sick and drugged and impeded my function.
My life has changed so much since beginning care! By keeping regular appointments, I am able to keep myself in alignment and keep my stress lowered, thus reducing my pain. I am so happy that they are my partners in health care!” – Rhonda B.

“I had been going from doctor to doctor without any explanations about my anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, mood swings, fatigue, and eating problems, which I had been dealing with for 3-5 years. I was completely unable to function at school, unable to eat, and had many health problems. I had tried many psych meds that only made my symptoms worse. I was taking 6-7 meds at a time!  I was so glad that my friend noticed the sign for Alternative Health. After only a few days of starting a GF/CF diet and supplements, I felt increased energy, clear thinking, less depression, and was able to eat again. I was able to discontinue ALL psych meds!
Carol and Justin really understood my struggles and personally connected with me. I felt they were the solution I had been searching for over the years.” – Stacey S.

“My body just felt “wrong” and I had pain in my shoulder blade. I would wake up with hip and shoulder pain and just did not feel good. Now, I have no more pain and can sleep without discomfort.The people at Integrative Family Wellness are very helpful and friendly!” – Pam M.

“I initially came to see Dr. Carol Reese for back and leg pain. The pain was so bad that I could not work or even walk without aid. I tried 3 epidural shots that had no effect on my pain. After receiving massage therapy, I am back to work, which is coaching tennis. I am able to work out and do anything that I want to do.” – Longi V.

“I initially came to Integrative Family Wellness with sciatic pain and symptoms of IBS. My pain was so severe, especially at night, so much so that I could not even sleep. I felt like was constantly taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen for pain. Because of the care I received in the past few months, I have no more sciatic pain, can sleep through the night, and have no problems with my IBS!” – Debbie M.

“I am 72 years old. Two years ago I weighed 300 pounds. I was having a lot of health issues. I was borderline diabetic, high blood pressure and having problems with circulation in my legs and had a hard time walking. I was very worried about my health. I asked God to help me find a natural doctor who knew him. They helped me with my diet. I don’t crave sweets like I use to. I’ve lost 65 pounds and I keep losing. I can walk again. My blood pressure is better. I am no longer pre-diabetic and I just feel better head to toe. I am very pleased with the outcome. I have never had this kind of service before in my whole life. The staff are very loving and godly people. I refer people to them all the time.” – Anne W.

“I Came to Quantum Health to prepare my body to hike 72.2 miles at high elevation. I have had altitude sickness before and I did not want to experience this again. Quantum recommended specific supplements for a certain time period and also to laser to promote red blood cell growth. This worked! I hiked 6 days without ill effects from being at high altitudes. The last days was the highest elevation 14.505. My sister, who hiked with me, suffered from altitude sickness but I did not! Thank you Quantum for your help on preparing my body for this big hike.” -R.D.

"At the end of 2015, I began to not feel good as I ate. I would become constipated, had lots of gas and it felt like I had a real tight feeling in my lower abdomen.

As time went on I began to feel like I had a sunburn in my lower abdomen.

It became painful to eat, touch my stomach and even as I twisted and moved it would hurt. I ended up losing 15 pounds (which is a lot for me) and became very unhealthy.

I contacted the doctors at Quantum Alternative Health and the first thing they mentioned to me was that it could very well be food allergies. They instructed

me to cut out the most common allergies as my diet and pay attention

to how I would then feel as I ate. They ordered a blood test for me to test if I had

an immune reaction against foods that I ate. That test was very revealing.

It showed that I had a severe reaction to gluten and a moderate to mild reaction to many other foods. Dr. Carol Reese educated me on gluten and how a food allergy will cause leaky gut which will in turn, cause other food allergies because as particles of food slip through your leaky gut, your immune system reacts to them as a threat and begins attacking them. They told me to drink aloe vera and take L-glutamine to help my digestive tract heal. They also put me on a few other natural supplements to help rebalance the good bacteria in my gut again.

The blood work revealed all of the foods I needed to avoid for some time while simultaneously healing my gut. I had to rotate all of my foods, not being able to eat the same foods too often so as to prevent other food allergies from developing. As with any major injury, it took time to heal. I used their Low Level Laser when I accidentally ate something that bothered me. It would reduce the pain and inflammation drastically. As months went by I was able to slowly add some foods back into my diet. The ones I was moderately reactive too took 4 to 5 months to be ok to eat again and the ones I was severely allergic to took 9 to 12 months. Gluten I am still reactive to and will always have a bit of an allergy to it. Thank you Dr. Justin and Dr. Carol Reese for all the education and helping my gut to heal." - Dillon R.


Heather's  Experience:

Service Provided:  Health coaching and Laser 12-week program.

How did this affect you?: “This has been such a positive experience!  Having someone to support me and help me to see how foods affect my body and energy has been life-changing. I’ve learned so much about myself and about my emotional eating too.  The laser helped the weight and inches to come off even faster while eating healthy.”

Was I happy with the results?: “Yes, I’ve been thrilled; I have lost 15lbs and 10 inches so far.”

Would you recommend this to a friend or a family member?:  “I would recommend this program and I have already.”


Testimonials on the 14 Day Reset Cleanse:

“My wife and I just finished the two week Detox Rest Cleanse. We loved it! It is designed to be a week of cleanse and then the second week is reintroducing things that you were not allowed to have during the true cleanse week. We extended the cleanse for a second week and on the third week reintroduce foods”

“Our 13 year old joined us for the first week. All three of us lost weight. Our daughter’s complexion totally cleared up. Our energy levels were great. Some of the recipes are so good that we are still cooking them. One great thing about this cleanse is that you don’t have to go hungry. We loved it and recommend it!”

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