Meet Our Team

Dillon Reese

 Certified Health Coach, Markering Manager, Laser Tech

Dillon Reese is our new Health Coach. He started having digestive issues that worsened until he started having allergic reactions to almost everything he ate. Shortly after he began studying to become a health coach and found satisfying answers. He soon realized that he COULD change and improve his situation. He became a health coach and now helps other in their journey to transform their lives.

          Aaron Stickland

               Certified Biofeedback Tech, Laser Tech

Aaron Strickland has been with Quantum since 2015. He began with us as an intern during his senior year of high school. He has since become a certified biofeedback and laser technician. His jobs here involve using the cold laser for patients and running the biofeedback device alongside the doctors.

His goal is to become a chiropractor specializing in alternative wellness as a whole, for total body health. Aaron has suffered from Lyme disease since 2011,this diagnoses is what sparked his interest in the alternative health field.

His hobbies include saltwater aquarium keeping, working towards future education, working on cars and also spending time with friends.

      Kelsey Reese

          Certified Biofeedback Tech

Kelsey Reese is our new Biofeedback  and laser technician. She and her husband, Dillon Reese, just moved to Newnan from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Together they enjoy  finding new recipes to make healthy and delicious meals that fit their dietary needs. Kelsey loves to help people improve their physical and spiritual health. She regularly volunteers as a teacher in a free Bible education program.

  Christine Baldassare

    Clerical Assistant 

She reaches out to people in the community informing them of the options for better health available at Quantum. She loves people and her goal is to help people live a healthy lifestyle. In her time off, her favorite thing to do is to teach people about the bible in a volunteer work. She also loves spending time with her family. They add a lot of joy to her life.

  April Reese

Product Inventory Manager

April Reese has been with Quantum Alternative Health since 2009 as our Inventory Manager. She enjoys strengthening her body and therefore enjoy learning about all of the benefits our products offer to our clients.

In April’s personal life she is an avid athlete and l lives a vegetarian lifestyle. Her other passions include football and music. She has been happily married to Dalton Reese since 2009 and has a very busy little boy named Dublin.

April is a Team Beachbody Coach and offers free appointments for consultations and coaching.

Phone:  (678) 522-9932

Richard Reese

Financial Director

Richard Reese has been our dynamic Financial Director at Quantum Alternative Health since 2011. He has a love of connecting with our clients and shares a deep personal interest in them. He loves children and enjoys spending time with his grandson Dublin in his “off” time.

  Shirley Gallo

Office Manager   


Shirley is a mom to three amazing boys aged 19, 15, and 9. She's been married to an airline pilot for 7 years and has been living in Georgia for over 20 years. She loves cleaning her house, playing outside with the boys and playing video games, as well as taking walks with her two labs! Now after being a stay at home mom for the last 7 years, she is returning to the work field as our lovely new front desk receptionist.

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