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Build up your Immune System with 2.0 for 2020

As time has gone by this year in 2020, we have learned more and more about the health challenge that we are all facing. With more research and more information available, we have been able to put together an enhanced kit to help deal with a crisis that we face today.

We are introducing Quantum Immuno Kit 2.0 This enhanced formula supplies a considerable amount more of the antiviral Zinc Picolinate ingredients based on the latest research. Also, this formula includes an additional potent dose of Quercetin ( 1200mg) which is the latest addition from the research. Each kit will last for 30 days. Please see the research below from the National Institute of health library website correlating to the efficacy of these ingredients. What Is In It? The Quantum Immuno Kit 2.0 contains a combination of many vitamins and herbs.

1. Smart Lipo C - There is 1200 mg per 2 caps of Liposomal vitamin C. This is a fat-soluble version of vitamin C that is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, similar to how taking something intravenous, like vitamin C, would work. Although this is not IV Vitamin C*, this version of vitamin C was chosen because it has a higher bio-availability then traditional simple oral vitamin C. It also has essential antiviral properties* and keeps the immune system from overreacting and causing a lot of severe pain, stiffness, and inflammation, associated with the recent viral outbreak.

*Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)

2. EG Max - is a special proprietary blend of Echinacea and Goldenseal for a total of 700mg and 300 mg respectively per 2 tablets. This combination has been well known for many years for its immune-enhancing properties. Echinacea is an important part of this kit because this herb while enhancing immune strength, has been shown to down-regulate IL-6, the part that overreacts by the immune system that causes respiratory distress in recent viral news.* Goldenseal is important because while enhancing immune strength, it also has been shown to down-regulate IL-6, the part that overreacts by the immune system that causes respiratory distress in recent viral news.** *For more information about Echinacea: **For more information about Goldenseal: 3. Lemon Balm*, Passion Flower**, Fever Few*** and Chamomile**** - have been included in this kit because each one may be greatly beneficial in reducing the immune imbalance of iL-6 and the resulting crisis associated with the recent concerning dangers. * For more information: **For more information: *** For more information: ****For more information: 4. Melatonin - With 6 Mg in each serving, this is a moderate dosage that has been theorized as a benefit that children have over older adults as the youth produce more of this hormone and its production declines with age. There are even studies and clinical trials being conducted as Melatonin being used to prevent and treat Covid-19*. None the less, Melatonin has been studied to be a key factor in proper immune function.** *For more information: **For more information: 5. Vitamin A - 20,000 ius have been included per serving due to its importance in lung health and the lungs seem to be one of the top areas of injury with the recent viral concerns.* *For more information: 6. Vitamin D - 10,000 ius of vitamin D have been added to this blend per serving as vitamin D deficiency is one of the factors noted in mortality and COVID-19.* *For more information: 7. Zinc - 75 mg of zinc picolinate has been added as the highest bioavailable form for zinc into each serving. Potential role of zinc supplementation in prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19

**For more information:

*For more information: This kit is only $116.49 Give us a call at 770-755-6525 OR visit our website if you would like to purchase it Website: *The Quantum Immuno Kit has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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