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Which virus is more contagious, the flu or COVID-19?

Everyone is talking about coronavirus or COVID-19

According to the CDC which virus is more contagious, the flu or (COVID-19)?

So Far the coronavirus seems to be more contagious than most strains of the flu.

Each person with COVID-19 appears to infect 2.2 other people on average. This Figure is skewed by the fact that the epidemic was not managed well in the beginning. As an Epidemic comes under control, the reproduction number may fall.

By comparison, the figure for the seasonal flu is about 1.3. The reproduction number for the flu of 1918 was about that of the COVID-19 perhaps a little higher.

Knowing this, what can we do to help our immune system?

I recommend Argentyn 23 and Biocidin. Why?

In the article “ Silver Nanoparticle as potential Antiviral Agents” by NIH they give a wonderful explanation and research on the effectiveness of nanoparticle size silver as a virucidal. It shows the studies using nanoparticles size silver against HIV, HBV,RSV, HSVI, MPV. Its antiviral activity through interactions with the viral genome ( DNA or RNA) and the intracellular compartment of an infected cell.

I also recommend Biocidin it is also antimicrobial and has been tested for effectiveness with 30 years of laboratory and clinical research.

For more information on your immune system please check out these link below also

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